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Révision de traduction / French translation revision

Arranged offre un service de révision bilingue de textes rédigés en français ayant été traduits vers l’anglais.

À ce service de révision peut se greffer une lecture de concordance, assurant que toutes les idées du texte français ont bien été prises en compte dans la version anglaise.


Arranged is pleased to offer bilingual editing services to clients who want to ensure that all of the ideas expressed in their French-language originals are captured in their English-language versions. This service includes straightforward editing of English translations, or side-by-side read-throughs, editing for consistency in content as well as for mechanics, punctuation and spelling.

Content Development

Web content, activity reports, white papers—Arranged delivers quality content that speaks to your target audience.


Need a copy edit, a full rewrite or something in between?

Project Support Services

Fill the expertise gap in your project team: issues scoping and analysis, process-mapping, program evaluation and more.
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content development and editing by Kristen Dolenko

content development and editing by Kristen Dolenko


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content development and editing by Kristen Dolenko

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