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The Arranged Approach: Do no harm

As Carol Fisher Saller simply yet eloquently states in her  book, The Subversive Copy Editor (University of Chicago Press, 2009), an editor’s “first goal is merely to do no harm.”

If this sounds a bit like the Hippocratic oath doctors are made to swear before being allowed to tend to the ailing, well, that’s because treating a manuscript is a lot like treating a patient. As an editor, your job is to make the manuscript better, not worse. Moreover, you must improve the manuscript without creating undue stresses for the one closest to it: the author.


Writing projects require certain types of editing at different stages.

With a structural edit, Arranged Communications can help you pad the bones of your manuscript, and connect its legs with the correct hip sockets; it can help your manuscript achieve its ideal weight with a stylistic edit; rewrite it if it’s not connecting with the right social groups; and lastly, when your manuscript needs some grammatical and mechanical therapy, Arranged can provide copy-editing services.

If you need help determining at what stage your manuscript is at, this can also be arranged.


Arranged Communications is affiliated with the Editors’ Association of Canada, and mainly uses its definitions to describe the valuable work editors do. If the editorial services offered by Arranged  don’t match your needs, please consult for a full complement of services available, as well as links to professionals able to provide them.

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