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content development and editing by Kristen Dolenko

Content development

Arranged Communications takes words seriously.

To write well requires time, expertise and effort; it requires planning, research, organization and solid execution.

I also takes the needs of the client to heart. You can count on quality content, delivered within a defined schedule and budget.

Take a look at some samples, and then consider me for your content needs.

SEO: The Holy Grail of web content?

SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is all you need to generate traffic, right? You may as well close up shop if your site doesn’t show up on the first search engine results page, especially in mobile. Right?

Being found is important, but we all know there is more to success than showing up for the photo shoot: you need real substance to last. Choosing Arranged Communications will give you the content you need to help you organically reach top ranking and keep your position on that results page.

The Arranged approach

Know your audience  I begin the content development process by understanding your product or service and understanding your client-base. Web content needs to be both readable and usable, so users can access the information they need easily, complete tasks simply and move on.

Reach your audience  By developing essential messages and organizing information in a logical, retrievable way that is geared to the audience, arranged content will find your target base. Keep in mind that developing content alongside web-design professionals is more efficient from a cost perspective, and at the end of the day, produces more effective results. If you haven’t already identified a design professional, get in touch and I can arrange it for you.

Keep your audience  Arranged Communications can help make your site that site—the one people choose to return to, again and again.

Content Development

Web content, activity reports, white papers—Arranged delivers quality content that speaks to your target audience.


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